Senior Section

Attention Parents/Guardians of Seniors:
As the students in the 2017 class look towards graduation, thoughts turn to creating a lasting memory of their time in high school.  Send a congratulatory message to your son or daughter that will be remembered each time he/she looks through the yearbook.  To purchase and ad or statement, please go to Senior Ad Form.  The deadline is April 1st.


Updates from Mr. Beaton

Senior Pictures

Senior yearbook photographs are due to Mrs. Williams in Graphic Communications by December 1.  Specifications for those pictures taken by a company other than Lifetouch should be approximately 2x3", 300 dpi, full color, and a head and shoulder shot. A digital image is preferred. Students who do not submit a photo will have their school identification picture used.

Updates from Mrs. MacLeod

Senior Project

Seniors are reminded that if they were unable to complete their product during the designated shop time, they should make arrangements with their shop instructor(s) to stay during their late help days between now and the winter break. Co-op students can make arrangements to stay during late help days on academic week. Alternately, students can elect to finish it at home.   
Students should not assume that their project can remain in shop indefinitely. Oftentimes there is simply not enough space to make this possible. Students with storage issues must check with their instructors to ascertain if this is a viable option. Please be aware that a stored project is at the mercy of other “curious” students.

All Senior Projects are due in school for final submission and grading on Monday, January 3, 2017. Late submissions receive a 10-percent penalty for each day late including all absences.

Cooperative Education

Co-op students are reminded that we need your time sheets ASAP! Some have failed to turn them in. The computer will process delinquent time sheets as “absent”. This means that your credit hours toward your Trade/Program Certificate will be missing.

A significant number of Co-op students have not checked their ITS Learning Co-op Course recently, or at all! Co-op students should be reading the items in this course weekly. Timely and valuable information is posted there on a regular basis for your benefit. This is the way in which Mrs. MacLeod communicates with you. Check it out today.

It is not too late to go out on Co-op. Any student who has met “qualifying conditions” for the last quarter can be placed at any time. This is true throughout the school year. Full time employment after graduation is a frequent occurrence from a great Co-op experience. Students are reminded that they must have their own transportation to and from the job according to the schedule of the employment. Some schedules change weekly so “catching a ride with someone” is seldom successful. At no point may a student hang around outside of the jobsite waiting for a ride home.

An Update from Guidance

As deadlines for early applications are approaching, seniors are reminded to give both their recommenders and counselors 3 weeks’ notice prior to the deadline approaching. Seniors are also reminded, even if all of your colleges are on Common App, you must still submit a transcript request form to your counselor.

FAFSA Day - Dean College
Start Date and Time: Sunday Jan 29, 2017 01:00 PM
End Date and Time: Sunday, Jan 29, 2017 04:00 PM
Description: FAFSA Day Massachusetts, a College Goal Sunday Program, is a non-profit, volunteer-driven program providing free assistance to students and families seeking to complete the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA is the federally required form for ALL students seeking federal financial aid for higher education. Students attending college during the 2017-2018 academic year must complete the 2017-2018 FAFSA, available after October 1, 2016, at, if they are interested in receiving federal and state financial aid.

Location: Dean College
99 Main Street Franklin, MA  02038 Alden Center Science Building

Attention Parents/Guardians of Seniors!

Mr. Casey and Ms. Johannesen have sent invitations along to senior parents inviting them in for future college/career planning meetings. Please make an appointment with your child’s counselor by calling or emailing. Mr. Casey, last names A-K or Ms. Johannesen, last names L-Z

Seniors who plan to attend college in Fall 2017: The traditional FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) submission date of January 1 has been changed to October 1. Families will be able to use tax information from the prior year.

The January 1 start date made it difficult for families to get their tax information gathered in time to complete the application. By moving the start date up three months to October 1, students will have more time to fill out this vital information, they’ll have tax information at hand, and families will have more time to evaluate the school’s financial aid award package.

Helpful resource from last night’s MEFA presentation on paying for college.

Also check out the MEFA website for additional resources:

BCC Events:

On Saturday, December 3, BCC will be hosting an On-the-Spot Enrollment event. Students will be able to complete the Admissions and Financial Aid applications with help from their staff. The event will run 8:30 a.m. - Noon.  Students can register here:

On Thursday, December 8, BCC will be hosting a campus tour and information session for students to learn more about programs and support services. The session starts at 6:30 p.m. For more details and to register:



Kristian Johannesen Grade 11-12 L-Z Guidance Counselor 155
David Casey Grade 11-12 A-K Guidance Counselor 123
Mary-Ellen MacLeod Director of Cooperative Education 108

Please note: Additional contact information for our guidance staff, academic teachers, and vocational instructors is available on the "Contact Us" page.