Financial Aid

Federal Financial Aid for Tri-County Postsecondary Programs

Federal Financial Aid for both Practical Nursing and Adult Cosmetology is available to qualifying students through the Federal Financial Aid System.  These are the only two programs that currently qualify for financial aid of any type.  Currently, the only Financial Aid funds available at Tri-County are PELL Grants.  Student loans through the Federal Financial Aid sytem are not available for programs at Tri-County.

If you are enrolled or planning to enroll in either of these full-time programs, you can find out if you qualify by filling out a FAFSA form which can be done at   You will need to enter Tri-County's school code which is 041220 in order for your information to be automatically forwarded to us.

For more information about Federal Financial Aid you can go here.  You can also view our Financial Aid guide here

For more information about financial aid at Tri-County you can review our guide here or contact us at 508-528-5400 x111.

Tri-County is required to disclose specific information to all students as a requirement of Title IV Financial Aid.  The information can be found on this page along with its specific links as well as on the Postsecondary Student Information page.  If you are having any trouble finding any specific information please contact the Adult Education office.

For information about the Verification Process click here

Net Price Calculator for estimating the cost of attending Pell eligible programs at Tri-County can be accessed here.

College Navigator

In an effort to assist all students, the College Navigator is one tool that can be used to choose a college or university that is a fit for you.​ College Navigator

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
To qualify to receive financial aid, in addition to demonstrating need, a student must be making “satisfactory academic progress” as defined by federal law and determined by Tri-County. This is true for all programs. Federal regulations require that a qualitative measure be used as a yardstick to assess satisfactory academic progress for all students who receive financial aid. Tri-County assesses students’ qualitative and quantitative progress every semester to determine if the students are progressing at a rate that will allow them to complete their course of study within the maximum allowed time frame. Specific program based requirements can be found here and in Tri-County's Guide to Financial Aid.

Disability Services

Qualified students with disabilities can request and receive reasonable accommodations.

To become eligible for accommodations, a student must register with the program teacher by providing recent documentation of their disability. Registered students are responsible for requesting accommodations each session.

A reasonable accommodation is a modification or adjustment to a course, program, or activity that enables a qualified student with a disability to obtain equal access. The accommodations provided are in response to a student’s perceived barrier to access. In other words, a student must, at a minimum, identify how their disability is preventing them from having access. Therefore, the services and accommodations provided are intended to reasonably remove a barrier.

The office does not provide treatment or teach students how to minimize the impact of their disability. Instead, reasonable modifications are made to a course, program, or facility to allow the same access as experienced by students without disabilities. An accommodation is considered reasonable only if it does not significantly alter the essential components of a course or program.


Gainful Employment Disclosures can be found here.

Withdrawal and Return to Title IV Policy is available here

Cost of Attendance Information can be accessed here