About Us

The High School with the Competitive Edge!

Established in 1977, Tri-County’s mission is to provide an excellent comprehensive technical and academic education to regional high school students. State-of-the-art technical skills and knowledge are enriched and complemented by a solid foundation of academic skills. Creative and cooperative partnerships between area employers and a dynamic staff at Tri-County guarantee the continued growth and development of exciting programs designed to prepare graduates for careers in the twenty-first century. This is a place where students succeed and are well-prepared for work or college. Enrollment at Tri-County is just over 1,000 students.

Tri-County is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. It is a member of the Massachusetts School to Career Initiative, a member of the Metro West Consortium on Technical Preparation, and a member of the Southern Regional Education Board’s High Schools That Work program.


It is the policy of Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School not to discriminate onthe basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, veterans’ status, religion, national origin, sexualorientation, disability, or homelessness in its educational programs, full range of any occupational/vocational education program, extra‐curricular and school-based activities or employment policies as required by Title IX of 1972 Education Amendments and Chapter 622 The Acts of 1971. Our policy is also in full compliance with the laws of The United States and Commonwealth of Massachusetts and all applicable regulations thereto with regard to special education and education of the handicapped [Chapter 766, PL94‐142 and section 504 of Rehabilitation Acts of 1973 and Chapter 74 Vocational Education in Massachusetts.

Learn more about Vocational-Technical Education in Massachusetts. Read a Pioneer Institute White Paper by Alison L. Fraser (No. 42, October 2008).