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Career Programs & Work Orders

The Career Programs offered at Tri-County are broad enough in scope to appeal to almost any student. Programs are offered in the building trades, auto trades, service occupations, and various technical fields. Instruction is offered in a variety of technologies by teachers who are experienced and licensed in the field they teach. This allows instructors to teach the practical, hands-on skills, as well as the theory behind the application.

Class sizes at Tri-County are conducive to an excellent learning environment, with a 15 to 1 student/teacher ratio in vocational-technical classes and 18 to 1 in academic classes.

Tri-County operates on an alternating week schedule, with students spending their academic week in eight periods of traditional high school course work and the alternate week in vocational/technical studies.

Cathie Rebelo, Director of Vocational Programs

Work Orders

Tri-County High School students receive a unique opportunity for training and skill development by participating in real life work through our vocational service program. Staff and community members may request services of several vocational and technical programs. These services are accomplished by students under the supervision of professionally licensed teachers in the vocational areas.

A Tri-County Work Order (see individual work orders below) must be completed by the customer and/or employee and submitted to the Vocational Office for authorization and approval. 

Each project will be considered on its individual merits, subject to the following considerations:

  • The project must align to at least one of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education’s Chapter 74 Curriculum Frameworks.
  • The project must have overall educational value and appropriately fit within the instructional schedule of the career and technical education program being asked to do the work.
  • The school is not able to conduct work for businesses other than community and non-profit organizations and individuals.
  • The school will give preference to municipalities, non-profit agencies and individuals within one of the 11 communities in the Tri-County RVT HS school district.
  • All work will be done during the regular school day (8:00-2:10) and under the supervision of licensed teaching professionals.
  • All products must be picked up by the customer, sorry we do not deliver.


Does your vehicle have scratches, bumps and dents?  We can fix it! Our high tech auto body shop can fix up your vehicle to make it look like new again. Our auto collision shop repairs parts or all of your vehicle, repaints, can install new bumpers, grills, etc. to match your vehicle’s specifications.

AUTO TECHNOLOGY – Mechanical services

Is your vehicle not running in tiptop shape? Tri-County has an amazing, professional and state-of-the art Auto shop to properly and professionally service your vehicle.  Services such as: oil changes, tire rotations, alignments, filter replacements, brakes, tune-ups, exhausts, etc. can be utilized by our Auto Technology shop. Your vehicle must be registered and insured and vehicles cannot be older than 10 years.


Need something made or fixed and don’t have the right equipment at home?  Our carpentry students get hands-on experience creating signs, bird houses, shelves, building module homes, small municipal buildings such as garages and storage sheds, decks, picnic tables, and a multitude of other projects. 


Do you need professional printing for a fraction of the cost? The Tri-County Graphics departments has all the latest equipment to meet your printing and design needs. Business cards, newsletters,  letterhead, brochures and banners – our graphics department has the experience to produce high quality materials.  


Do you wish to have something custom made out of metal? Our metal fabrication shop has all the state-of-art equipment and tools to build or repair any metal project. We can make any customizable projects made from steel, stainless steel and aluminum.  Our students make beautiful work and you will pleased with the results.

Freshmen Exploratory

Career Exploratory Program for Freshmen

Every student enrolled in the ninth grade at Tri-County participates in the Exploratory Program. The purpose of the Exploratory Program is to give each student the opportunity to investigate a variety of career opportunities to determine personal skills, abilities, and interests. Each student will explore nine different career programs. The student chooses six programs of interest on their application. Tri-County will select three more to investigate. Each student will explore at least two non-traditional career areas. Guidance counselors work closely with the students and the vocational instructors to ensure that the exploratory experience is a positive learning experience for each student.

Each exploratory is graded and is figured in the student’s exploratory average. In January of freshman year, students select their top three choices for a vocational major. Program choices are awarded based on overall exploratory average, exploratory teacher recommendation, and space availability.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education Program

During their senior year, qualifying students are able to participate in Tri-County’s Cooperative Education Program. As part of the program, students receive paid jobs within their field of study from area employers. Participating students devote the time they would typically be in shop to working in the field. Instruction is planned and supervised by the school and the employer.

Obtaining employment through the district’s Cooperative Education enables students to hone valuable soft skills while building a resume and networking with industry leaders. Some students accept full-time positions with their Coop employer upon graduation, while others maintain a paid part-time position while continuing their studies in college.


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