Chess Club

Chess Club

Open to both novice and experienced players, this club meets weekly after school for tournament play. Under the supervision of the Chess Club Advisor, experienced players assist new members to understand the rudiments and strategies of successful play.

Organized by Mr. Orlando, Electronics Instructor, the Chess Club meets every Thursday after school in the electronics shop until 4p.m. New strategies are introduced to the students to expand their endgame, middle game and start.

The students not only compete against each other in the school, but also compete against players from around the world on the Internet. A rating system was devised to rank each player in school. The players compete against each other using tournament rules. The top players compete in state competitions.

The Tri-County Chess Club is a member of the U.S. Chess Federation and each player who competes on a state level is a member of MACA (Massachusetts Chess Association) and receives a state rating based on their state tournament scores.

Anyone interested in playing chess, whether you are a novice or grandmaster, is invited to join us on Thursday afternoons in the electronic shop. Send an email to Mr. Orlando or stop by the electronics shop if you have any questions concerning the Chess Club. Make your best move to the Tri-County Chess Club today.