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Franklin, MA 02038

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Public Records

The Public Records Access Officer for the Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical School District is Superintendent-DirectorKaren Maguire. Public records requests to the district must be submitted to Superintendent Dockray in person or in writing.

Karen Maguire
Tri-County RVTSD
147 Pond Street
Franklin, MA 02038
Phone: 508-528-5400

Additional information about the Massachusetts Public Records Law is available here.

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Karen Maguire Superintendent-Director x101
Daniel Haynes School Business Administrator x112
Michael Procaccini Principal x102
Matthew Silva Assistant Principal/Dean of Students x115
Melissa Beckmann Academic Coordinator x258
Christopher Cadorette Director of Technology x219
Mary Ellen MacLeod Director of Cooperative Education x108
John Martin Director of Special Education x121
Scott O’Brien Head of Guidance x127
Cathie Rebelo Vocational/Technical Director x262
Harry Takesian Director of Facilities Management x296
Dana Walsh

Director of Student Support Services/Title IX Coordinator


Contact a Staff Member

Alden, Benjamin, Social Studies Teacher

Allard, Robert, Auto Technology Teacher

Allen, Scott, Physical Ed Teacher

Annese Rick, CIS Teacher

Bachand, Robert, Plumbing Teacher

Barstow, Jeremy, Carpentry Teacher

Batt, Angela, Engineering Technology Teacher

Beckmann, MelissaAcademic Coordinator

Bonfilio, Suzanne, Secretary-Continuing Education 

Bourgette, Monica, School Nurse

Boyd, Brian, Carpentry Teacher

Bronner, Mary Ellen, Social Worker

Bruno, Robert,  Special Education Teacher and Liaison

Cadoret, Steven, Math Teacher

Cadorette, Christopher, Technology Director

Caffrey, Julie, Paraprofessional 

Caffrey, Stephanie, Physical Ed Teacher

Casey, David, School (Guidance) Counselor, (Gr. 9 & 10 L-Z)

Chauvin, Mark, Graphic Communications Teacher

Chiaramonte, Nicole, Paraprofessional 

Chosta, Adriana, Special Education Teacher and Liaison

Cote, RobinAdministrative Assistant – Finance

Crawford, DonnaSchool Psychologist

Curran, Seth, English/Music Teacher

Dagan, Ariel, Library-Media Specialist

DeLuca, Jennifer, SecretaryVocational Director

DePasquale, Amy, English Teacher

DiBiasio-Erwin, Doreen, Science Teacher

Dockray, Stephen, Superintendent-Director

Dodakian, Suzanne, Medical Careers Teacher

Dodd, Ashley, Special Education Teacher and Liaison

Donahue, Julie, Cosmetology Teacher

Donnelly, Joseph, Auto Collision Teacher

Durfee, Victoria, Business Ed Teacher

Duval, Maria, Secretary- Academic Coordinator

Ferrick, BrennaLegal & Protective Services Teacher

Flaherty, PatriciaSecretary- Special Education

Fleury, Cassandra, School Guidance Counselor (Gr. 11 & 12 A to K)

Flynn, Donna, Cosmetology Teacher

Foley, Shannon, Social Studies Teacher

Garland, MichaelEngineering Technology Teacher

Good, Caralyn, Special Education Teacher and Liaison

Gould, Morgan, Paraprofessional 

Gregoire, Angela, Cafeteria Director

Grensavitch, David, Auto Technology Teacher

Griffin, Laura, Special Education Teacher and Liaison

Guanci, Anne-Marie, Medical Careers Teacher

Halloway, Emily, Mathematics Teacher

Haney, Nancy, Culinary Arts Teacher

Harris, John, Legal Protective Services Teacher

Haynes, Daniel, Business Manager

Hefele, Peter, English Teacher

Hennessy, Penelope, Post-Secondary Practical Nursing Director

Hertel, Melissa, Math Teacher

Hickey, Sarah, BSN/RN, School Nurse

Hippert, Ryan, Physical Ed Teacher

Holmes, Jennifer, Instructional Technology Integration Specialist

Howley, Jack, Paraprofessional 

Hughes, Mary, Special Education Teacher and Liaison

Ialuna, Joanna, English Teacher

Johannesen, Kristian, School Guidance Counselor (Gr. 11 & 12 L to Z)

Johnson, Maureen, Dental Assisting Teacher

Jones, Luci-Anne, Mathematics Teacher

Kamfonik, Matthew, Auto Collision Teacher

Kanelos, Greg, Paraprofessional 

Karpouzi, Virginia, Secretary-Main Office

Keaney, Brian, English Teacher

Keefe, Kristen, School Adjustment Counselor

Kelly, Michele, Science Teacher

Kennedy, Karen, School Guidance Counselor (Gr. 9 & 10 A to K)

Kostorizos, Maria, Paraprofessional -SSC Liaison 

Kowalczyk, John, Science Teacher

Lane, Tara, Post-Secondary Practical Nursing Teacher

Lang, David, Social Studies Teacher

LaPlant, William, Special Education Teacher and Liaison

LaPlante, Lisa, English Teacher

LaPlante, Steven, English Teacher

LeClair, Scott, Maintenance Supervisor, Evenings

Lucke, Marie, Data Coordinator

MacLeod, Mary Ellen, Cooperative Education Director

Magas, KristenEngineering Technology Teacher

Malcolmson, Robby, Technology Assistant 

Maneri, Grace, English Teacher

Markham, Jennifer, Science Teacher

Martin, John, Director of Special Education

Martin, Sara, Athletic Director & Social Studies Teacher

Martone, Michael, Special Education Teacher and Liaison

Mazzola, Anthony, Special Education Team Chair

McCall, JeffreyAdvanced Manufacturing Teacher

McDonald, Donna, Special Education Teacher and Liaison

McKeown, Francis, Electrical Wiring Technology Teacher

McNamara, Dawn, Secretary- Guidance Department

Messias, Freya, School Adjustment Counselor

Mills, Holly, Secretary- Finance

Mogensen, Jennifer, Speach/Language Pathologist

Moran, Christine, Dental Assisting Teacher

Mullen, Jessica, English Teacher

Munger, Patricia, Post-Secondary Practical Nursing Teacher

Norton, Cheryl, Homework Center Coordinator

Noyes, Jessica, Early Education Teacher

O’Brien, Scott, Head of Guidance

Osborne, Tracie, Cosmetology Teacher

O’Shea, Suzanne, Special Education Teacher and Liaison

Pedersen, Clifford, Mathematics Teacher

Perron, Barbara, Post-Secondary Cosmetology

Pierangeli, Robert, Metal Fabrication Teacher

Pisarczyk, Cally, Secretary- Main Office

Poteete, Anthony, Science Teacher

Procaccini, Michael, Principal

Randazzo, Kathleen, Secretary- Main Office

Rebelo, Cathie, Vocational Director

Remmes, Caitlyn, Social Studies Teacher

Reynolds, Timothy, Special Education Teacher and Liaison

Roberts, Karen, Secretary- Dean of Students

Robin, William, Auto Technology Teacher

Robitaille, Jarred, Math Teacher

Rose, Colleen, Mathematics Teacher

Sabasowitz, Tiffany, Science Teacher

Sabourin, Peter, Culinary Arts Teacher

Shultz, Taylin,  Mathmatics Teacher

Sibilia, Nancy, Science Teacher

Silva, Matthew, Dean of Students

Snow, Concetta (Tina), Medical Assisting Teacher

Spencer, David, Security

Spillane, Collin, Paraprofessional

Spillane, Mark, Carpentry Teacher

Sprague, Robert, Electrical Wiring Technology Teacher

St. Amand, Rebecca, Plumbing Teacher

Sullivan, James, Metal Fabrication Teacher

Takesian, Harry, Director of Facilities

Terrell, Jeanne, Administrative Assistant- Superintendent

Thibodeau, Wendy, Paraprofessional

Thompson, Kathryn, Early Education Teacher

Thompson, Linda, Graphic Communications Teacher

Thornton, Elizabeth, Mathematics Teacher

Tilden, Michelle, Early Education Teacher

Titus, Emma, Athletic Trainer 

Valorie, Kristen, Secretary- Post-secondary

Vega, Sarah, Special Education Teacher and Liaison

Vitali, Richard, Administrative Assistant – Security

Walls, Joseph, HVAC&R Teacher

Walsh, Dana, Student Support Services Director

Williams, Frances, Graphic Communications Teacher

Wingo, Daniel, HVAC&R Teacher

Young, Michael P., Social Studies Teacher

Zogalis, Kim, CIS Teacher

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