Early Education Preschoolers Visit the Library Media Center

Tri-County (TC) Early Education sophomore student, Emily Lacharite, took the initiative to develop and implement a field trip for the students in the preschool program of her career vocation. The preschoolers had never been upstairs to visit the Library Media Center (LMC). She was very invested in creating an opportunity for the children to visit the TC LMC, and to be able to borrow books. In order to support Emily’s ideas, Mr. Dagan, Library Media Specialist, suggested moving into stage two of what was started last year in the vocation. Since a substantial part of the Early Education’s library collection had been cataloged, Mr. Dagan made sure students were now set up in TC’s online catalog with privileges to check out media titles to the children in their preschool program.

To accomplish this task all preschoolers where entered into databases and a unique library card was issued to them. 

To make their field trip memorable, Mr. Dagan showed the preschoolers various parts of the LMC to see all the areas that the high school students use. An area of the Library was set up with small chairs and a throw blanket to create an age-appropriate atmosphere for a read aloud. Together with the students, Mr. Dagan read “Something from Nothing” by Phoebe Gilman. Mr. Dagan chose the book since it fits with most of the vocational programs at Tri-County where students create something from nothing, as well as the fact that the story focuses on the strong bonds with grandparents.

When they arrived at the LMC, preschoolers saw lots of books and students working in various areas. They participated enthusiastically in parts of the books with hand motions and call outs. The book is a folktale which includes a sub-story about a family of mice that were able to make themselves something from nothing.  The preschool students received their unique library cards and started to learn about the type of books they might be able to check out in their Early Education Library. They received a unique bookmark to color and then went to check out their first book. In the future the preschoolers will continue checking out other books through the encouragement of a Bingo sheet (designed by Emily) promoting reading other genres of books.

The high school students at the LMC enjoyed seeing the preschoolers visit the LMC. The preschoolers are very excited to be circulating books from the collection in the Early Education career vocation.