FAQs for Students

Frequently Asked Questions (by students)

• How do I choose my major?

As part of the 9th grade Exploratory process, you will explore nine vocational programs and be graded in each. When all nine are completed, you will select the three that you are most interested in joining. Your exploratory grades will help to determine your vocational placement.

• When do I choose my major?

You will choose your major at the end of the second term of the 9th grade.

• How do I get home if I stay after school? Where will the bus take me?

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays there are late buses that will take you to the center of the town in which you live. There are also sports buses that leave after the assigned practices.

• How do I know what bus I will take to TC?

Your bus schedule is printed in your local newspaper in late August and is also available on the website.

• Will I have homework when I am in the vocational programs?

Yes, you may have academic homework to complete during the vocational week to help you retain the information in your different classes.

• When does the school day begin and end?

Our school day starts at 7:50 am and ends at 2:10 pm.

• Will I be in classes with upperclass students?

The ninth and eleventh grade students are in the vocational program together. In the academic classes the grades are separated.

• How do I know if the school is closed for snow?

Announcements are made on the radio and the television. You can check the student handbook for specific stations. You will not follow the same information as your home school.

• Do the students at TC have the same vacations as my home school?

Yes, all major holidays and vacations are generally the same.

• How many periods are there in a day?

There are eight periods a day during academic weeks.

• How long do I stay in my major?

You will remain in your major for three and a half years.

• When can I go out to work for co-op?

In your senior year, co-op is available for students who are eligible.

• Can I go to college if I go to TC?

Yes. Our curriculum is aligned to enable students to attend all community, state, and private colleges.