Local Firefighter Presents Fire Safety to Tri-County Early Education Students and Preschoolers

Tri-County welcomed Shad Blake, a firefighter and paramedic with the North Attleboro Fire Department, to speak to Early Education students and preschoolers about fire safety. Mr. Blake spoke to the class about how fires spread quickly, about smoke inhalation, and that dangerous fumes can overcome a person in just a few minutes.  

Later, Mr. Blake dressed in his firefighter gear to show the class what a firefighter looks like all packed up and ready to go to a fire. Preschoolers were shown the gear and allowed to touch and try on a helmet or a coat prior to Mr. Blake putting it on to prevent them from being frightened in the event of an actual fire. Further, Sam Vassel, a senior in Early Education, took part in the presentation by dressing in the firefighter gear to show preschoolers not to be afraid.  Sam is a former member of the Upton Fire Explorer program. Tri-county sophomore, James Slamin, also participated by wearing the gear. Finally, Early Education teacher, Mrs. Taylor, put on the gear. 

Mr. Blake is the father of Tri-County Early Education sophomore, Emily Blake.  We thank Mr. Blake for his time and his service.

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