Inclement Weather Information/Delay Schedule

With the winter months upon us, Tri-County families are asked to brush up on the ways they can receive information about any potential closings or delays due to inclement weather.  Please click here for the Delay Schedule.

Our primary concern when winter weather strikes is our students and their ability to safely travel between home and school. Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School serves students from 11 towns spanning more than 20 miles. As an independent district, Tri-County renders cancellation decisions that apply to all Tri-County students, regardless of their town of residence. School administrators must consult with local officials and consider the latest conditions from all 11 towns. Key factors in determining a potential closure include road and sidewalk conditions, timing of the storm, and how much snow is expected. The condition of school parking lots and whether or not the school has power are also important factors.

If School is Held During Inclement Weather:

Tri-County administrators may release students early if they feel conditions will decline by 2:10 p.m. If there is an unexpected release, the school will notify parents via automated message and local television, as well as on Tri-County’s website and social media channels. Students who normally take the bus to and from school will still be able to do so.

If school is held and there are no plans for early release, parents reserve the right to keep their child home.

In the event of a delayed opening, Tri-County administrators will notify families via the automated message system. On delayed opening days, students in academic classes will operate on an abridged schedule and only attend pre-selected periods. These schedules will be identified as 90-minute Delay I, 90-minute Delay II,120-minute Delay I, or 120-minute Delay II in the automated message. For more information about the delay schedule, please click here for the Delay Schedule.

If School is Closed:

Superintendent-Director Stephen Dockray makes every effort to notify students and faculty of a cancellation by 5:45 a.m. Local TV stations will broadcast announcements when school is closed or has one or two-hour delayed openings. When there is a delay, buses will run 90 minutes or 120 minutes late.

Tri-County also provides an automated message to every student's household for school closings, delayed starts or unexpected releases. Closings will be listed on the Tri-County website, as well as on the school’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Whenever possible, Tri-County will provide announcements of delayed openings or school closings to the following:






If A Student is Out on Co-op:

Seniors who are scheduled to be out at their co-op site on a day that school is closed should remember that they are new drivers. Slippery roads are a challenge for even the most experienced driver. Co-op students and their parents should closely monitor weather forecasts and determine if they will be able to safely travel to and from their job site. The student must notify their supervisor when school is closed. If the student and supervisor decide the current conditions are too treacherous for travel, they can re-evaluate a few hours later if there has been improvement.

In the event of a mid-day storm, if there is concern for deteriorating road conditions, please check the school website for an early release status. Alert your employer/supervisor and discuss an early dismissal.