Continuing Education

Our Mission

Through a rigorous, holistic and comprehensive program of vocational/technical and academic preparation, as well as a progressive system of individual support and guidance, we strive to maximize the potential of each student for successful transition to full-time employment, to the pursuit of higher education and to a personal commitment of lifelong learning.

Tri-County’s Continuing Education Program consists of classes designed to educate you in a variety of areas that reach from computer technology to personal finance to cooking and everything in-between.  You can learn new skills that might help you in the work place or may just lead to a new hobby.  Classes come in all shapes and sizes from one night workshops to multi-night programs.  Some of the classes are designed around a fun night out to enjoy solo or with friends.

For further information and/or questions, please contact Caroline D’Errico, Call Her, ext. 126 or via email.  

Instructors Wanted

We are always looking to add new and interesting courses to our continuing education program. If you have a hobby, craft, or specialized skill, and are interested in teaching it within our program please fill out our Course Proposal Form, you may also contact the Adult Education Director, Bob Foley ,  (508)528-5400 ext. 119 with any questions