Summer Reading

Extra Credit Opportunity!!!

AP English Courses Require Summer Reading. All other students should take this opportunity to earn extra credit! 

Summer Reading Optional Assignment 2020

Choose a text from the provided list of options to read this summer.  Then choose a project to demonstrate your understanding of the text. This year, summer reading is EXTRA CREDIT.  Follow the requirements and rubric, and you’ll start off the year with EXTRA CREDIT in English!  


Project Descriptions & Requirements

Select one of the following options:

  1. Movie Trailer – a filmed trailer for an imagined movie version, a minimum of 4 minutes, incorporates quotes, and plenty of significant scenes (4 scenes minimum)
  2. Visual Art (drawings/paintings) – create a minimum of 5 works that focus on a wide variety of significant characters, events, settings, themes, or symbols from the text, must include a written explanation
  3. Soundtrack – find at least 7 thoughtfully selected songs that connect well to the text including lyrics and a written explanation
  4. Comic Book – create a comic version of the book you read that depicts many significant events from the text
  5. Analytical Essay – write an essay in which you analyze two or more of the following elements of the text: character, theme, symbol, setting
  6. Fiction Writing – create your own prequel or sequel to the book you read, or rewrite a piece of the book using the perspective of a different narrator
  7. Poetry Writing – create a minimum of 5 poems that focus on a wide variety of significant characters, events, settings, themes, or symbols from the text
  8. Be the Teacher – design your own test on the book you read, including a variety of question types (multiple-choice, short answer, quote IDs, open response, etc.) and include an answer key.


Criteria for ALL Projects

ALL projects should:

  • contain at least 5 thoughtfully selected significant quotations from the text
  • demonstrate extremely thorough familiarity with the WHOLE text (beginning/middle/end)
  • demonstrate exemplary effort on the part of the student to create a professional product
  • fulfill all requirements specific to the chosen project type (see above)


Extra credit will not be awarded for projects that do not meet these criteria. All work submitted must be your own, original work!

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