Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School Names Captains’ Council

Students selected for Captains’ Council commit to improving their game mentally and becoming a life-long competitor.

 Tri-County RVTHS recently named the Captains’ Council’s newest members. A position on the Council is given to those athletes with whom teammates and coaches respect and trust to lead their teams and the Athletic Department in the right direction. It is not a guarantee of appointment as a team captain. It is a commitment to the idea that you do not have to be a team captain to be a leader and that there are many ways to lead. Being a member of this Captains’ Council is a commitment to improving your game mentally and to becoming a life-long competitor that models his/her

Class of 2021 Members: Jenna Barber, Gina Castagna, Brody Dalzell, Bryce Dalzell, Grace

Donahue, A.J. Fusco, Rob Johnson, Karoline McNamara, Cam Schweitzer, T.J. Sedam,

Annabelle Yeaton

Class of 2022 Members: Sarah Bakas, Izzy Dias, Matthew Dowd, Rebekah Gable, Jonah Joyce-

Vorce, Vanessa Hurley, Teaghan Leblanc, Silas Noble

Class of 2023 Members: Lorcan Bergeron, Zachary Blenkhorn, Faith Boutin, Joseph Cady, Ava

Cavallaro, Ava D’Amadio, Amy Freitas, Isabella Gulley, Noelle Kennedy

These athletes will participate in a number of leadership trainings, team building exercises, and

community service opportunities.

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